Does Email Marketing Still Matter Today?

Have you ever wondered how many emails are sent per day? 

According to one study, it was estimated that at the end of the year we were close to 400 billion emails sent each and every day. That’s a lot of emails!

The sheer volume of email is enough to make anyone wonder whether email marketing has outlived its usefulness. After all, with so many messages being sent every minute of the day, how can your company ever be sure there’s any chance at successfully reaching your target audience? Fortunately, despite these challenges , email still remains an incredibly effective tool for businesses in all industries—and it doesn’t look like that fact will change any time soon.

With an increasing number of possible channels than ever for customers to interact with your brand (think social media, instant messaging, mobile apps and chatbots and the good old phone), companies are forced to decide which of these tools is the best way to reach their audience. Despite all of the buzz around new channels, however, market evidence found that email is still listed as the top marketing channel for ROI by businesses .

This should not come as a surprise, though—email has proven its value time and again. By sending emails on a regular basis , you can keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds and increase their chances of returning to your site. And if they do decide to follow through with a purchase or engage further with your company, they most likely won’t forget who sent them that initial email that sparked their interest in the first place!

So, the message here is clear: companies must not be afraid to experiment with other platforms and services. Email is not going away, there are many new ways to use this valuable marketing channel in order to get the message out quickly. It’s still the most effective way for you to reach people fast.

The other side of the medal is that In an information-rich world, attention scarcity is inevitable. When Herbert Simon penned his book “The Sciences of the Artificial” he coined the term “attention economics” What information consumes is self-evident: the attention of its receivers.

People are getting bombarded with pitches, promos, advertisements, and many other distractions on a daily basis. Consumers have created a psychological “anti-marketing shield” as a result of the frequent marketing to them.

Most marketing emails, after all, are little more than a waste of time. Even if yours isn’t, it might not pique your audience’s interest. What is innovative and appealing to you might just appear or sound like just any other one to your end viewer: “Hello there! Are you ready to buy from me?”

And yet, the statistics show that email open rate it’s going up. Studies show that from 2018 to 2020 the opening rate for marketing email went up about 2.56% rising to 20.56% in 2020 up from 18% in 2018. (source Kinsta)

Consumers are constantly connected and overloaded. To attract them, you must exert tremendous effort to persuade them. In order for email marketing to be effective, it must become more trustworthy, more relevant, more conversational, and more strategic.

The secret of engaging marketing mail is to be relevant and conversational.



It’s not enough to just have “something to say” to your subscriber. It’s critical to figure out who your audience is, how they think and what they really want from your brand. 

Sending messages that aren’t personal make your subscribers feel like strangers and you lose the opportunity to create a serious rapport with them. And when you’re not relevant, your subscribers will simply opt-out.

MailMatic offers the possibility to segment and tag audiences to help you profile them progressively according to area of interest that you decide so that when you email them the messages can easily pass across as personal and “made for them”.



Nobody likes to be subject to mail blasting. Marketers realized, however, that the average ROI of email marketing was more than $40 per each dollar spent and tried to “blast” their lists as much as they could with all the negative problems that come with this behavior.
Email needs to further evolve in order to maintain its’ relevance and become from campaigns to conversations: it should stimulate an organic dialogue with the subscriber and be felt like a real-world conversation. Not just a one-way form of communication but giving the audience an opportunity to interact and by doing so companies have the chance – by listening – to evolve and adapt. 


About MailMatic

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