10 email marketing automations do’s and don’ts that will maximize your ROI

Welcome back email marketing automation champions!

In this first instalment we will sharing some knowledge with you, a sort of mini decalogue, so that by reading and applying these tips, tricks and ideas carefully you can get up to speed and become an email marketing automation expert in no time!




1. Your List is Your Most Important Asset

You should resist any “temptation” that distracts you from growing your customer list organically. The customer list is your most important and precious asset you will have and, the best thing you can do is to build it and “clean” it over time so that only people who are truly interested in your marketing message will be there.

2. A warm and engaging “Welcome Message”

You should set up an automated welcome message to be sent to your subscribers as soon as they sign up. Use this opportunity to let them know the type of content they will start receiving from you and, this is the perfect time to deliver any “goodies” to keep them engaged with your brand.

3. Personalize and Test

Start from your subject line and then your mail and find how best you can customize your mail using mail merge data fields to incorporate personalization that will greatly help your opening rate. Make sure to test-test-test to find out what will be the best format, the best sending time, the best day of the week when to send out your mail. Keep testing.

4. Use Email Automation Workflows

Use all the tools that MailMatic makes available to create a “journey” for your subscribers: did they click a specific link? Did they open a certain message? Did they download that report or watch the video tutorial you sent them? React according to your subscribers’ actions (on inaction) and your mail will be creating a “story” built and personalized specifically for certain groups of your audience.

5. Target and Segment your Audience

Even without the same mailing list of a site, not all users are the same and have the same preferences. Using segmentation tags in MailMatic, you can create subsets of your audience around certain interests tags and cater specifically to them. Your ROI will thank you!



1. Don’t buy lists of contacts

Don’t buy contact lists and “cold” mail them with the hope to interest in your brand without they have expressly requested to receive your marketing material. You know what will happen next: your mail will be reported as spam, your ip and domain blacklisted and you will damage your deliverability, reputation and ultimately your ROI.

2. Don’t collect email addresses without using them

There’s no point and no benefit in collecting email lists without using them. As you will see, regularity is one of the keys in contacting your list so that don’t forget your brand and fall out of interest in your message. Even worse is if you spend time to create a list and never use it. You will never create a rapport with your subscribers and never generate any result.

3. Sending emails randomly

Take your time to test when is the best time of the day and what is the optimal interval to send your message and stick to it. Sending email randomly or with large time intervals between sends is a surefire way to get people to unsubscribe from your newsletter as many will even forget who you are and why they subscribed to begin with.

4. Sending emails without proofreading

Use a tool like Grammarly to help you fix grammar and sentence structure: never send a mail with typos or without proofreading the text first. Simplify enough your text while keeping it engaging but readable (use the Readability Score). Make sure that all links work and resolve to the resource they are intended to point to. Test how your mail works on all devices before sending.

5. Not learning from experience

Keep learning: from your experience, from your mistakes, from the email you receive (yes, both subscriptions and spam too) to learn what works and what does not to adapt and integrate it within your mail.

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